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***Sign up forms are now currently available in our gym or call 317-763-1568 (10am-6pm Mon-Sun) to book***

We are proud and excited to announce that starting June 5th we will be starting our very own summer camps! Our focus, as Carter’s Play Place main mission, is all inclusion, safety, and a lot of fun.

Why join our camps?  We  provide a great safe, secure, sensory environment for your children.  Our Camp Director, Lindsay Gately, is an experienced Camp Director, Dance Therapist teacher, and is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).  Lindsay has a real passion for developing and conducting Carter’s Camps that are top quality and custom for all kids.


Shaya Bates, BCBA, from By Your Side ABA on site for our camps once a week to assist the children and activities. We also have aspiring occupational therapists back from college staffing our camps.

At Carter’s Play Place, we are all working extremely hard to not only provide an all-inclusive environment for kids of all abilities. We strive not to just provide an environment for our community, but the best that can be offered.

  • Full camp (two sessions 9am-noon & 1-4pm)  – $250
  • Half camp (either 9am-noon or 1-4pm) – $125
  • 4-6pm aftercare – $10 per child per hour
  • Noon-1pm = lunch (customer provided) for full time campers
  • 15% discount if sign up for Adventure Unlimited monthly or Summer Seasonal Package
  • 10% discount if sign up for multiple camp sessions
  • AGES: 2-10 preferably 

Main themes (rotate all summer):


Calling all children who want to test their strength, speed, and endurance for our very own unique version of Ninja Warrior! This camp will be jam packed with drills, team building, mental tests, and obstacle courses. Bring your enthusiasm and energy you’re going to need it!!

mel world

Travel along with us this in Melanie’s very own dance camp! Carter knew his sister had a mission in the world so he took it upon himself to open a place where all their dreams would come true. Explore different cultural dances with us and rock out to music all over the world!

express junct

Join us this summer as we take a silly ride down Expression Lane. Learn dance movements while using music to bring about changes in feelings, cognition, physical functioning and behavior. 


We are excited to host our very own Olympics! Come to the play place to experience our Indoor Games. We will pick our countries, create our mascots, and even have an opening and closing medal ceremony for all of our competitors. Bring your game face and let’s go for the Gold!

Day camps (sessions) open theme ideas (mixed in with main themes):

  • Monday Mania
  • Talent Tuesday & Tropical Tuesday 
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • Treasure Thursday/ Throwback Thursday
  • Fab Fun Friday